1. Why should I create an account with NGEEARTS

If you want to fully take advantage of our offering, we recommend creating an account with NgeeArts so that you can:

  • Receive personalized information based on the preferences you indicate when creating your account
  • Buy and sell art online 24/7 with NgeeArts. Register to bid
  • Value artworks and look for comparables for Fine Art, Design, and Decorative Art with the NgeeArts Price Database and the Ngeeart Alerts
  • Access custom information on art performance with NgeeArts Analytics Reports
  • Be up-to-date on auction events by receiving the NgeeArts Newsletter, which includes all you need to know about the auction market

2. What are the free services artnet offers?

Many of our services are free and do not require an account. We encourage you to explore these products to get a taste of what NgeeArt has to offer! You can browse artworks for sale, upcoming art events, and artist information for free, including:

  • NgeeAuctions
  • Gallery Artwork

3. Can I be notified when Auctions for sale

Yes. With NgeeArts Alerts, you are informed of all buying opportunities at galleries and auction, by email. It allows you to:

  • Never miss an opportunity to buy art at auction or in galleries
  • Be informed of upcoming auctions
  • Get all you need to know in up to one daily email, directly in your inbox

4. Where do lots come from?

Lots originate from many sources inc. customer returns, bankrupty, ex-display & repossessions. Clients from high street retailers and Banks to Insolvency Practitioners & Receivers.

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